Press Release: New SpectrOil 100 Series Elemental Spectrometer

Spectro Scientific Expands the SpectrOil 100 Series of Elemental Spectrometers, Improving Performance and Value.

Blog: E-Guide - Four Methods for Measuring TAN/TBN in Lubricating Oil

Total Acid Number measures how much acid has built up in an oil, which can lead to corrosion. Total Base Number measures how much additive is left in an oil.

Oil Analysis Handbook - Free Download

This guide to oil analysis describes recent advances in oil analysis for those industries with critical assets like turbines, engines, compressors and pumps that must stay up and running.

Power Gen & Industrial

A comprehensive oil analysis program reduces unexpected failures and costly downtime.

Trucking & Automotive

New, easy to use analyzers test fluids on the spot, while other maintenance tasks are being completed.

Mining & Off-road

Mining and off-road equipment typically operates in challenging environments and in remote regions, making equipment reliability paramount to the success of the operation. 

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry - from exploration for oil and gas to refining and fuel blending before it is delivered to the customer.

Labs & Services

Oil analysis laboratories and oil suppliers and distributors offer analysis services to their customers. Our instruments are used extensively by these groups to analyze new and used lubrication oil.

Military & Aerospace

Military assets and commercial jets have no margin for errors. Comprehensive oil analysis programs, such as JOAP, keep these assets running and available for immediate use.