Ethanol in Gasoline (Petrol)

  • Equivalent to lab GC methods
  • Reduce delays for trucks at loading rack
  • Easy to use for non-technical personnel
  • Calibrate for different base gasolines
  • Correlates with ASTM D4815

Too much ethanol in gasoline can cause issues in some engines. In order to verify the ethanol is blended correctly or a received fuel load is as specified, the Wilks InfraCal 2 Analyzers and InfraSpec Spectrometers will give a result in under a minute that will be comparable to gas chromatographic methods and ASTM 4815*. These easy-to-use, cost competitive instruments can be located right at a loading rack or in a laboratory.

The InfraCal 2 ATR-E is the latest introduction to our easy to use analyzers for measuring percent ethanol in petrol. The InfraCal 2 features data storage and transfer, multiple calibrations and password protection for instrument settings. The InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer is a multi-wavelength infrared spectrometer capable of more than one measurement including percent ethanol in gasoline, water in ethanol, and biodiesel in diesel.


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