Fluid Types 

Performance fluids are at work in most mechanical systems.  Fluid Analysis is an effective tool which provides information about the internal condition of equipment and vehicles.  Click below to learn more about the types of fluids our instruments analyze:











Many technologies and techniques are employed in the analysis of lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, fuels, coolants and other performance fluids.  Methods of assessing fluid condition are becoming more capable, while also becoming easier to use.  Click below to learn more about the technology in our analyzers: 








Test Parameters 

The test parameters for performance fluids are categorized into the three components of the TriVector™.  Wear parameters indicate the sources of mechanical breakdown within the equipment itself.  Chemistry indicates the condition of the performance fluid itself.  Contamination parameters indicate the source and level of foreign substance ingress.  Click below to learn more about each test type:  




Resource Center 

Click below for a collection of case studies, datasheets, application notes, white papers and videos to assist those interested in fluids analysis for condition based monitoring of critical assets: 

Oil & Fluid Analysis Terms 

Click below to find a list of key oil analysis terms to assist those interested in learning more about oil and performance fluid analysis: