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The MicroLab Series is a fully automated oil analyzer that provides diagnostic analysis of engine, generator, gear box, hydraulics, power steering, and transmission fluids.  

The MicroLab is used in virtually every industry that operates equipment powered by engines including: Automotive, Trucking, Energy, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Government (Military, Municipal).
The MicroLab, originally developed by On-Site Analysis, has an embedded expert system which translates all of the analytical data into maintenance actions specific to your equipment. The artificial intelligence of the system is built from over 20 years of industry knowledge and more than 10,000 rules statements to generate the diagnostic statements that are specific to each application, the type of equipment and the type of oil.


Features & Benefits


 Benefits   Features
Reduce Maintenance costs • Extend component lifetime through preventative maintenance
• Proactively schedule maintenance based on predictive analysis
• Extend oil drain intervals based on oil condition rather than time, allowing savings in labor, oil and waste disposal
Increase equipment availability • Early identification and trending of component wear and failure modes for preventative maintenance before catastrophic failure occurs
• Analyzer provides a complete analysis of the oil and equipment health
LubeTrak® software makes it easy to track and trend the key oil parameters necessary for optimizing asset health and utilization
Fast and easy to use • Comprehensive oil analysis in less than 15 minutes instead of waiting days or weeks for outside lab results
• Minimal disruption to workflow with fully automated measurement, diagnostics and cleaning
• Can be operated by maintenance or support staff, no chemist required
• Easy to interpret results with expert system; recommended maintenance actions and color

ASTM Compliance 

The MicroLab is compliant with ASTM D7417 “Standard Test Method Analysis of In-Service Lubricants Using Particular Four-Part Integrated Tester (Atomic Emission Spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy, Viscosity, and Laser Particle Counter)

MicroLab Options 

The MicroLab is available in two versions depending on your application needs.  

MicroLab Oil Analyzer
MicroLab 30 – Provides automated comprehensive diagnostic analysis of engine, generator, gear box, power steering, and transmission fluids.
MicroLab 40 – Provides automated comprehensive diagnostic analysis of engine, generator, gear box, hydraulics, power steering, and transmission fluids. Recommended if particle count is needed for hydraulics.



The MicroLab offers completely automated analysis, cleaning and reporting, all with a push of a button.

MicroLab Automated Oil Analysis System


The MicroLab infrared spectrometer measures six key parameters which indicate potential oil degradation and contamination.
Both the MicroLab 30 and 40 provide:

  • Oil degradation: oxidation, nitration, total base number
  • Oil contamination: soot, water, glycol

 Elemental Analysis 

The MicroLab Optical Emission Spectrometer quantifies wear metals caused from mechanical components, as well as other elements from oil additives and contamination.

  • Basic metals include: Al, Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mo, K, Si, Na, Sn
  • Extended metals include: Ba, B, Ca, Mg, Mn, Ni, P, Ti, V, Zin


The MicroLab Dual Temperature Viscometer (DTV) provides kinematic viscosity analysis which can identify potential oil degradation or contamination.

  • Kinematic viscosity at 40°C and 100 °C
  • Viscosity index (VI)

 Particle Count 

The MicroLab 40 is equipped with a particle counter to measure particle contamination which is crucial for maintaining hydraulic systems, compressors and turbines.

  • Gross particle count
  • ISO particle size

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29” (L) x 30” (W) x 26” (H) (74cm x 76cm x 66cm)

Weight 130 lbs. (59 kg)

Accessories & Consumables

To keep your MicroLab running in top condition, it is important to use the recommended cleaning and standardization fluids.

  • CheckFlush is specially designed to clean the lines in the MicroLab between samples. This prevents cross-over contamination and keeps your instrument running its best.
  • The standardization fluids are designed for calibration of the instrument. Your maintenance practices should follow the prescribed standardization process to ensure your results are accurate.

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