Spectro Scientific is always looking for exceptional talent. If you have interest in working with us, please submit your resume to cnickerson@spectrosci.com

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Job summary

We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Mechanical Engineer with a systems-level understanding of mechanical assemblies, material properties, electronics, optics, and fluidics.  The individual will direct, guide and directly contribute to the design of modules, assemblies, and components for advanced precision analytical instrumentation. The individual must have a strong technical background that includes the successful application of principles, theories, and concepts in the functional engineering field plus a working knowledge of other related disciplines. The individual must have a proven track record of designing complete solutions and the ability to generate creative design concepts from design inputs, prototype those concepts, and evaluate those designs through sound experimental design.

Senior Software Engineer

Job Summary

The Software Engineer is responsible for helping to diagnose, troubleshoot and solve problems reported from the customer support team and other internal resources. The candidate will work closely with customer support, field support and the software development team to help resolve customer issues. Ideal candidates will possess knowledge of .NET programming languages, networking, and SQL database queries. The successful candidate needs to possess strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, the ability to read existing application code and understand its logic.