Spectro Scientific recently released it Fluid Analysis Solutions Catalog for 2019.  The Fluid Analysis Solutions catalog is a compilation of content covering all of all Spectro’s solutions ranging from its new TruVu 360 data management platform to comprehensive solutions for industrial plants, fleet maintainers, and high-performance engine testers.

The catalog also highlights portable oil analysis tools including:

  • The FieldLab 58 expeditionary fluid analyzer
  • FluidScan 1000 handheld fluid condition monitor
  • FerroCheck 2000 ferrous wear measurement instrument
  • MiniVisc 3000 portable kinematic viscometer
  • FDM 6000 fuel dilution meter

The 104-page catalog also details oil analysis instruments and software for laboratories such as the flagship SpectrOil M Series RDE elemental analyzer.  Other content covers application-specific instruments for military oil and fuel analysis, measurement of oil in water in soil and coolant and diesel exhaust fluids analysis.

Finally, the catalog ends with a review of the SpectroCare comprehensive service package that bundles the following offerings:  extended factory warranty, preventative maintenance & calibration service, prioritized technical support, dedicated remote diagnostics and certified factory training. 

Download Catalog