Spectro Scientific Sponsors Lubrication Test Event in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) at the 2018 MRO Americas Exhibition

(Chelmsford, MA – May 15, 2018) Spectro Scientific, one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil, fuel, and processed-water analysis instrumentation and software, sponsored a competitive event in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) at the 2018 MRO Americas Exhibition, held April 10-12, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

The AMC recognizes and celebrates aviation maintenance technicians and raises awareness of the knowledge and skill required to maintain safe, airworthy aircraft. This year, 68 five-person teams of aircraft mechanics from industry, military, and schools competed in a 28 event competition for the title of “Best-of-the-Best”. 

Participating for the first time in the AMC, Spectro sponsored an event involving testing of lubrication and hydraulic fluid system integrity. Oil testing helps mechanics detect and correct engine and hydraulic system problems long before they result in system failures. Each competitor was scored on his or her ability to successfully test a hydraulic fluid sample in a timely manner.

Yolanda Gong of the West Los Angeles College team took first place in the oil analysis challenge with a record low time of 4:16 minutes, with zero penalties.

Bob Wopperer, vice president of business development at Spectro Scientific, presented a Spectro MiniVisc 3050 viscometer and standard accessories kit to West Los Angeles College in the name of Yolanda Gong and the school’s team. The package has a commercial value of over $10,000.

The MiniVisc 3050 viscometer enables direct measurement of kinematic viscosity at a regulated temperature (40˚C), using only a few drops (60μL) of oil. No solvents are required, and users can clean sampling cell surfaces by simply wiping them with a nonabrasive cleaning pad or towel. The compact, battery-operated unit fits easily into a toolbox or carrying bag and is especially useful in situations where it is impractical to use a laboratory device, including fleet vehicle applications.

Convenient, simple, on-site operation helps users save time and expense, avoid unexpected downtime, preserve expensive capital assets, and carry out proactive and predictive maintenance programs. The MiniVisc 3050 viscometer is a component of Spectro’s comprehensive MiniLab system that provides elemental and chemical analysis and measures viscosity, particle count and total ferrous content.

Bob Wopperer said, “Spectro Scientific appreciates the opportunity to help recognize the unique skills and crucial contributions of aviation maintenance technicians to flight reliability and safety. We also are happy to introduce a large group of technicians to the accuracy and convenience of Spectro Scientific fluid analysis products.”

About Spectro Scientific

Spectro Scientific specializes in analytical instrumentation and software for machine condition monitoring. It is one of the largest global suppliers of oil and fuel analysis instruments to industry and the military worldwide. Industry clients include petrochemical, fleet, mining and power generation companies as well as commercial testing laboratories. Spectro Scientific’s extensive product offerings include spectrometers for wear metal analysis, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers, particle analysis instruments and complete turnkey systems for oil or fuel analysis laboratories, all managed by its SpectroTrack or LubeTrak software platforms.