When you want your heavy-duty and high-value equipment to be managed right, you do it yourself. Spectro Scientific gives you the tools and quality products you need to get the job done. Our products offer a quick and accurate analysis of your equipment, allowing you to remain confident in your machine's optimal performance.

Portable Products

From field-based measurements to solvent-free, temperature-controlled viscometers that allow you to perform checks and measurements anywhere, our portable product line is a robust addition to any maintenance program. We specialize in top-quality instruments and diagnostics for accurate fluid analysis. 

Lab Products

Spectro Scientific will work with you to build the specific laboratory setup for your specific needs. From a single piece of equipment designed for specific tasks to an entire turnkey setup carefully chosen to monitor the condition of oil-lubricated machinery, our representatives will help you find the answer.

All-in-One Products

We set ourselves apart by providing high-quality, all-in-one instruments that are both portable and accessible. The representatives at Spectro Scientific know and understand predictive maintenance and oil analysis. Because of this, we design and manufacture equipment that saves you time and money and keeps your business running smoothly.

Contact us today to get a free quote, or visit our Knowledge center to find case studies, white papers, application notes, and videos pertaining to fluid analysis. Lower maintenance costs, decreased cost of ownership, greater equipment availability, and higher productivity levels can all be achieved when your machinery operates at optimal performance. Let Spectro Scientific help you lose the headaches of equipment failure and improve your bottom line.

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