From military organizations and mining operations to industrial manufacturing, power generation, and testing labs, Spectro Scientific offers fluid testing equipment to support predictive maintenance needs. Contact a representative today to learn more about the benefits of working with Spectro Scientific to increase the uptime and health of your machinery and high-value assets.

Portability is Key

Fluid analysis instruments have been around for many years, but their size and need for skilled calibration made them a stationary piece of capital equipment. Spectro Scientific’s Portable Oil Lab, a rugged, transportable system, allows your company to perform comprehensive lubricant testing while in the field.

For Transportation, Construction and Mining fleet maintenance, Spectro Scientific offers the MicroLab 40 and MicroLab 30, both all-in-one analysis systems that monitor oil degradation and contamination. The MicroLab allows for immediate results on location. The system will even send email warnings when degradation or contamination test results have been analyzed as crucial.

Small or Large, Each System is Built for You

A complete lubricant analysis condition monitoring solution can be found in the Spectro Scientific TurnkeyLab or ITL. This large system is the core of predictive maintenance for a variety of industries and needs. Each instrument is chosen specifically to provide data and closely monitor oil-lubricated equipment conditions.

Contact Spectro Scientific today to speak with a representative and find the right turnkey system for your company’s needs.

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