The FluidScan is a rugged, handheld, IR spectrometer used to analyze oil chemistry. Parameters measured include TAN, TBN, Oxidation, Nitration, Sulfation, Water Contamination.  The FluidScan is available in three models for Fleet, Industrial/Power Gen and Marine applications.


FluidScan Q1000
For Fleets


FluidScan Q1100
For Industrial/Power Gen


FluidScan Q1200
For Marine BN


Primarily used to measure oil chemistry to extend oil drain intervals on diesel equipment such as Trucks, Buses, Bulldozers, Locomotives, and other large diesel vehicles. 


Used for fixed assets in industrial plants such as rotating machinery and diesel backup generators. Used in the Minilab Series of onsite oil analyzers. 


Used for two-stroke marine engines to measure Base Number (BN) as a defense against cold corrosion. 





► One drop of oil. No solvents

► Fixed filter, rugged

► Results in less than one minute

  At the core of the FluidScan is a patented, mid-infrared spectrometer with no moving parts. The spectrometer collects the infrared light transmitted through the fluid in the flip top cell into a waveguide as illustrated in Figure 8. The FluidScan design maximizes optical throughput and spectral resolution in a hand held device. Consequently, it provides more than adequate spectral range, resolution and signal-to-noise ratio for the rapid analysis of in-service lubricants. This unique technology has been optimized for low power consumption, enabling the production of a rugged, highly accurate analyzer that operates on Li-Ion batteries for up to eight hours.