Machinery can only function as well as its working parts. Fluid analysis equipment used in laboratory settings must meet relevant ASTM standards. Accurate measurements, manageable footprints, energy efficiency, and ease of use are best optimized when an instrument is designed with the user experience in mind. That's the advantage of Spectro Scientific products: each of our instruments represents our most optimized design for the most accurate and efficient analysis of its kind.

Fluid Analysis Instrumentation for Laboratories

Spectro Scientific manufactures a wide array of fluid analysis instruments for labs. We engineer every instrument for quick, reliable function, producing accurate analyses for many industrial fluid types used in a variety of applications. We also understand the importance of user experience, which guides our design and operation, making our products as intuitive as possible. Spectro Scientific products meet or correlate to relevant ASTM International standards. Furthermore, they must meet our own stringent expectations of quality, excellence, precision, and usability.

The Spectroil family of oil and fuel analysis spectrometers includes the Spectroil 100 Series for in-service lab analysis, the transportable Spectroil M/C-W for commercial lab use, and its military counterpart Spectroil M/N-W, as well as the Spectroil M/F-LD specifically for analyzing fuel used in gas turbines and diesel engines and the Double Disc Rapid Robot (D2R2) option for automating any Spectroil M configuration.

The LaserNet 200 series of instruments performs particle analysis on mineral and synthetic lubricants including gear, engine, hydraulic, turbine, and distillate fuels. The SpectroT2FM Q500 Analytical Ferrography Laboratory system performs a complete analysis of wear and contaminant particles in used oils, fuels, lubricants, coolants, and hydraulic fluids. 

SpectroTrack: Proprietary Integrated Information Management

All of these products, as well as our portable FluidScan Handheld Lubricant Condition Monitor and FDM 6000 Fuel Dilution Meter (FDM) for lab or field use, can be integrated with our information management system, SpectroTrack. SpectroTrack software provides enterprise-wide reporting to help maintainers increase efficiency, schedule maintenance proactively, and ultimately increase uptime.


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