With the right lubrication analysis solutions, your company can decrease downtime and extend the life of your valuable equipment. By assessing machine health indicators, you can identify issues early, well before a potential failure occurs.

Spectro Scientific specializes in portable lubrication analysis solutions that allow for convenient checks without putting equipment out of service. Our full line of quality control devices can be specifically chosen to fit your environment. We understand that "one size fits all" is never the right approach. Our representatives put time and thought into the selections that match your unique needs and budget.

Maintaining Proper Oil Condition

A spectrometer is an industry standard in testing oil conditions and revealing proper oil change intervals. Our FluidScan handheld analyzers were designed to test fluid chemistry in the field, giving you fast results for immediate decision-making.

Advanced processing and built-in libraries give the FluidScan line of products the ability to adapt to a variety of quantitative measurement applications. Users receive test results in just a few minutes so they can determine whether or not maintenance actions are needed. View our knowledge center to learn more about the benefits of portable fluid analysis.


The MiniVisc 3000 viscometer gives operators a truly portable solution for detecting viscosity variations caused by oil degradation, improper mix, or contamination. Our kinematic viscometer is solvent-free and temperature-controlled, allowing fast, accurate analysis without the need for testing at an off-site laboratory.  

Analytical testing is vital to the health and functionality of your equipment. Contact us to determine the right portable instrument setup to meet your needs.

From infrared spectrometers to fuel dilution meters, the portable lubrication analysis instruments from Spectro Scientific offer a range of portable solutions. We develop the tools you need to keep your high-value assets running efficiently. Don’t lose money or productivity due to equipment failure; maintain your investment with Spectro Scientific's portable oil analysis solutions.

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