We have assembled a collection of material, such as case studies, datasheets, application notes, white papers and videos to assist those interested in fluids analysis for condition based monitoring of critical assets. If you cannot find what you are looking for, email us at marketing@spectrosci.com and we will assist you. 

View Lubrication Analysis

Information on lubrication oil analysis for reciprocating and rotating machinery such as ships, locomotives, turbines, gear boxes, transmissions, buses and other critical assets.

View Fuel Analysis and QC

Information about our line of infrared analyzers used in fuel quality measurement applications such as biodiesel fuel blend (FAME), ethanol in gasoline and biodiesel quality control.

View Oil in Water and Soil

Information about our line of infrared analyzers used to measure oil in produced water, FOG in wastewater, TPH in soil remediation and oil content in frac water and drill cuttings.

View Legacy Products

Information about products that are no longer sold but are still supported by our customer support group. Here you can find a description of the product and links to other important information.