Training Courses

Training Courses

At Spectro Scientific, we are committed to providing educational services in support of our customers. Our courses combine classroom and hands-on training at our headquarters in Chelmsford, MA. We can also provide training at a customer’s site when there are groups of students, at an additional cost.

The educational courses provide foundational training for any level user including the following topics:

  • What are the different models of instruments and what are the right applications for them
  • What are the Key Components of the instrument and how they connect and interact
  • What are the right consumables for the application and how to identify them
  • How to navigate the software and how to report or transfer the results
  • Daily instrument operation for any user to be able to know their way around the instrument and be able to comfortably work with the instrument
  • "Best Practices" for operating the instrument and how to achieve accurate and repeatable results while running the instrument
  • A user's overview of the major components of the instrument and when to call Spectro Service for maintenance, repair or replacement issues
  • Overview of how to identify and resolve common faults or address inaccuracies

Current Courses Offered In 2021:

Due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions our in person training courses are postponed until further notice.

Assistance can also be provided by calling Customer Support at (978) 431-1130, or by email