This course provides foundational training for the daily operation, maintenance, and common troubleshooting for following instruments:

Spectroil Models - M/F, M/C, M/N, and Q100

This course provides the individual with the required knowledge to correctly operate the Spectroil Models and be able to comfortably work with the instrument to obtain accurate and repeatable results utilizing best practices.

This course is not designed to provide the individual with in-depth training on how to troubleshoot, repair, or perform maintenance to the service level. This course is designed to guide the individual when it is necessary to contact Spectro support for support related assistance and where the individual can obtain answers before contacting Spectro support.

The training is not intended to, nor will it provide each individual the opportunity or time during the training to physically operate any of the discussed equipment but will provide demonstrations of Spectro best practices for available Spectroil instruments. Any student hands-on training is left to the discretion of the instructor only.

Any applicable documentation will either be provided in a hard copy format during the training or be available electronically on the Spectro website.

Here's a Sample of What You'll Learn

  • What are the different Spectroil models and what are the right applications for them
  • A user's overview of the major components within the instrument and how they function and interact
  • What are the right consumables for the application and how to identify them
  • Daily instrument operation for any user to be able to know their way around the instrument and be able to comfortably work with the instrument
  • "Best Practices" for operating the instrument and how to achieve accurate and repeatable results while running the instrument
  • How to navigate the software
  • Overview of how to identify and resolve common faults or address inaccuracies
  • Daily maintenance toprovide operational uptimes and extend the equipment life
  • When to call SpectroService for maintenance, repair, or replacement issues.

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