Fuel Dilution Measurement Technology from Spectro Scientific 
Certified by New ASTM Standard Test Method

(CHELMSFORD, MA – NOVEMBER 10, 2015) The new standard D8004 from ASTM International, “Test Method for Fuel Dilution of In-Service Lubricants Using Surface Acoustic Wave Sensing,” certifies an innovative fluid analysis technique offered by Spectro Scientific, a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical tools and software for fluid and machine condition monitoring. The method enables users to determine the amount of fuel present in an in-service lubricant line and thereby take any steps necessary to maintain the safety and effectiveness of machinery in critical railroad, airline, mining and other applications.

Spectro Scientific employs the certified method in its Q6000 Fuel Dilution Meter (FDM). The compact, portable fuel dilution meter can be used in the laboratory or in the field to provide rapid and accurate measurements of fuel contamination in engine oil.

In recognition of its integration of portability and utility, the Q6000 FDM recently won a Silver Design Award from Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) newsletter. IBO cited the analyzer’s size, shape and functionality for on-site testing, as well as its combination of audio and color touch screen prompts to guide users.

According to Spectro Scientific Chief Technology Officer Patrick Henning, “The amount of fuel dilution in lubricants is a key indicator of machinery health as well as potential safety hazards. The presence of fuel in a hot lubricant line can result in a fire.” He said that publication of ASTM Standard D8004 will enable users to use the surface acoustic wave sensing method as a primary testing procedure and as the basis for immediate action to preserve machinery and protect personnel from consequences of fuel-contaminated lubricants.

The test method was first implemented by the U.S. Navy’s Ship Systems Engineering Station.  Spectro Scientific worked with ASTM committee members to gain certification of the method as a worldwide fluid field analysis standard.

Spectro Scientific President and CEO Brian Mitchell said, “This is an exciting development for our company and our customers. With the approval of Standard D8004 by ASTM, users of Spectro’s Q6000 Fuel Dilution Meter can be confident that their analysis results meet globally-certified levels of consistency and accuracy.”

For more information, please visit the Q6000 Fuel Dilution Meter (FDM) product page.  

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