Hydraulic systems are the power behind a great deal of automation in nearly all heavy industrial sectors. The indispensability of hydraulics means that constant attention must be focused on condition monitoring as a necessary element of machinery health maintenance. Spectro Scientific is an industry leader in innovative products specifically designed for hydraulic oil analysis, facilitating streamlined maintenance and improved function through accurate analysis of hydraulic fluids.

The Importance of Hydraulic System Condition Monitoring

A hydraulic system transfers force from one point to another point using an incompressible (hydraulic) fluid. To ensure that the fluid functions properly, it is crucial that it remains free of contaminants and particles. In fact, particle contamination is the single most common cause of hydraulic system failure. Dirt-laden fluids in any moving engine part may cause damage to the fine tolerances of valves, motors, and hydraulic systems.

Filtering and condition monitoring are used in combination to detect and prevent system failure. Spectro Scientific instruments analyze hydraulic fluids to identify particle contamination from dirt and wear metals. Our products also detect corrosion from water due to degradation or additive depletion. The accuracy and usability of our equipment ensure that condition monitoring yields targeted, useful data and results in better performance with less waste and more reliability.

Our Oils Analysis Products

In the field, our handheld, solid-state FluidScan® Q1000 and Q1100 permit direct quantitative monitoring of lubricant condition on-site. Comprehensive lubricant sampling is possible anywhere, anytime with the Spectro Q5800, our rugged, battery-powered, portable fluid analysis system. The Spectroil Q100 and the Spectroil M families of optical emission spectrometers are analytical workhorses optimized for working lab environments. These instruments use the rotating disc electrode (RDE) technique to measure minute quantities of fine particles reliably in natural or synthetic petroleum-based products. Our intuitively designed Spectro LNF Q200 series uses LaserNetFines™—the world’s best particle counter technology—and it requires no calibration.

Another portable innovation in condition monitoring is the SpectroVisc Q3000 series of viscometers—the first truly portable, solvent-free, temperature-controlled 40C kinematic viscometers. The two SpectroVisc Q3000 products provide high-accuracy measurements for easy detection of viscosity variations on-site and in real time so users can rapidly and reliably detect and forestall potentially serious operational issues due to particulate contamination of hydraulic fluid and more.

These products, like all Spectro Scientific hydraulic fluid condition monitoring equipment, meet or exceed the standards of accuracy set by ASTM International. They also all satisfy Spectro Scientific's desire to invent increasingly intuitive and dependable measurement tools. We design and engineer with the end user in mind, informed by a thorough understanding of the interactions of analysis whether on-site or in a laboratory setting. Our work takes all the guesswork out of your precision analysis.

Working with Spectro Scientific instruments means having confidence in knowing. Explore our entire product line or contact us for more information about how we can help.