Oil & Grease Analysis Solutions

In-service oil analysis is a key machine condition monitoring technique. In the time it takes external laboratories to return oil sample results, machinery condition can significantly change. On-site oil analysis eliminates the wait and enables immediate decision making.

An on-site oil analysis program can be divided into four levels ranging from basic oil analysis kits to check specific parameters to a full service central lab with automation for high volume testing. Testing requirements and instrumentation for lubricants from diesel engines are different than for lubricants from gear boxes and turbines. Below is a simple solution guide for implementing an on-site oil analysis program.

Purpose Rotating Machines Engines & Generators

Level 1
Route Based Oil Analysis

      Viscosity           MiniVisc 3050    Viscosity         MiniVisc 3000
 Ferrous Wear  FerroCheck 2000   Ferrous Wear  FerroCheck 2000
Level 2
Contamination Control
   Water   FluidScan 1100   Water, Coolant      FluidScan 1000 
 Particulates    lnfq200_300w_300h_sb   LaserNet 210   Fuel Dilution         FDM 6000

Level 3
On Site Oil Lab
(Level 1 + Level 2)


Particle Analysis 
Oil Chemistry 
MiniLab 53
Oil Chemistry
microlab-40_300w_300h_sb MicroLab 30


Elemental          MiniLab 153
Particle Count microlab-40_300w_300h_sbMicroLab 40
Level 4
Full Size Oil Lab
Automation LIMS "Industrial Tribology Lab (ITL) SpectroTrack