CHELMSFORD, MASS. – AMETEK Spectro Scientific, one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil, fuel and processed-water analysis instrumentation and software, announces its most user friendly, high performing FluidScan® 1000 Series handheld analyzer, now with applications for biodiesel fuel dilution, fluid integrity and a water index for grease measurement. The device, a handheld infrared analyzer for lubricant and grease condition monitoring, also gives industrial users remote support, upgraded electronics and an expanded system library.

The analyzer’s ease-of-use improvements include a larger screen for easier results viewing, a new processor and power supply, LED lights for better results viewing, automatic database backup capabilities and an Ethernet port for smooth connectivity. Faster, more stable onboard electronics and new power supplies eliminate parts obsolescence and power supply mix-ups. The software includes cell messaging updates, new fluid properties that include easy-to-use factory fluids as well as a new database file format with easy database backup and recovery. 

The FluidScan also expands its applications with biodiesel fuel dilution measurement. This application is available in the analyzer’s Engine-Diesel category and is complementary to the diesel measurement available with the FDM 6000 Series fuel dilution meter. Another enhancement is the Fluid Integrity parameter that can be used to trend oil condition and contamination. This feature can flag a fluid mix-up to detect if the wrong oil was added to the asset and if there is contamination present. Operators enable the Fluid Integrity parameter through the device’s Industrial Oil Library. Another new parameter is the Water Index for grease measurement. Water Index is a unit-less measurement scaled for easier trending of water contamination in a grease sample.  

 “The FluidScan handheld analyzer has come a long way since its introduction to the market 10 years ago. We continue to add new applications as well as performance and usability improvements that ultimately transform the way our customers do their work,” AMETEK Spectro Scientific Director of Product Management Dan Walsh said, “These changes simplify and streamline the on-site oil analysis process especially when used with the TruVu 360 Fluid Intelligence Platform, which can allow diagnostics, actions and immediate decisions to occur.”

The FluidScan is a critical component of the MiniLab solution for industrial facilities. Seamless connectivity with the TruVu 360 intelligence system further equips maintainers with the information needed for predictive maintenance and cost reduction.

Spectro Scientific is a unit of the Electronic Instruments Group (EIG) of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annualized sales of approximately $5 billion. Spectro Scientific specializes in analytical instrumentation and software for machine condition monitoring. It is one of the largest global suppliers of oil and fuel analysis instruments to industry clients and the military clients worldwide. 

Industry clients include petrochemical, fleets, mining and power generation companies as well as commercial testing laboratories. Its extensive product offerings include spectrometers for wear metal analysis, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers, particle analysis instruments. The company also offers complete turnkey systems for oil and fuel analysis laboratories such as the TruVu 360™ enterprise fluid intelligence data management platform.