Spectro 5200 Trivector Analyzer


Spectro 5200 TriVector Analyzer has been replaced by the MiniLab 53

Principal root causes of equipment failure include unseen corrosion, contaminants, improper lubrication and machine wear.

The Spectro 5200 Trivector Oil Analyzer is a multi-function instrument that detects most lubricant-related problems and enables on-site analysis of machinery oils and lubricants. It provides comprehensive indications of metal wear, lubricant chemistry and contamination. The Spectro 5200 combines a range of tests into one piece of equipment, including dielectric measurement, magnetic differentiation of wear particles, water detection, laser particle counting, viscosity and the ability to make wear debris filter patches for microscopic examination.

The Spectro 5200 Trivector measures, logs and trends the lubrication condition of rotating industrial machinery and detects contamination and machine wear per ASTM Standard Practice D7416.

Primary applications include lubricants for rotating machinery such as pumps, motors, compressors, gearboxes, air handlers, turbines, feed pumps, drives, transmissions, and hydraulic systems.

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  • Reduce unexpected downtime
  • Provides a comprehensive overview and indication of metal wear, lubricant chemistry and contamination
  • Generates machinery health trend analyses to support data driven predictive and preventive maintenance decisions
  • Reduce maintenance and replacement parts costs.
  • Early identification of particle contamination from lubricated metal parts wear allows early, preventive intervention prior to catastrophic failure.
  • Lubricant condition monitoring conserves oil and reduces oil disposal costs by driving maintenance on an as needed basis.
  • Immediate, on-site lubricant analysis (<10 min) for informed preventive maintenance decisions.
  • Includes Oilview software, an integral part of the Emerson AMS Machinery Health Manager software suite
  • Compact, table top system minimizes cost and footprint

The Basic Minilab includes the 5200 Trivector Analyzer, Digital Viscometer and the Oilview Minilab software module.

  • Easy-to-understand graphical plots and trends illustrate every measurement.
  • Automated diagnostic interpretation and recommendations.
  • Leads you step-by-step through operation of each Minilab instrument.
  • Startup is quick and easy with an editable reference database of common lubricants.
  • Set alarm limits using statistical analysis.
  • Custom configurable report.

The Comprehensive Minilab includes the 5200 Trivector Analyzer, Digital Viscometer, Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope, Wear Debris Image Capture System, and Oilview Minilab, WDA, and LIMS software modules.

  • Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) Software
    • Data import and management
  • Wear Debris Analysis Module
    • Import electronic image of wear debris from any TWAIN compatible camera.
    • View sample image and compare to  wear debris library images
    • Standardize wear debris analysis using a multiple-choice matrix.
Spectro 5200 TrivectorTM Analyzer
Spectro 5200 TrivectorTM Analyzer
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45 cm (H) x 44 cm (W) x 36 cm (D)
(18 in x 17.25 in x 14.25 in)