Accessories & Consumables for Efficient Machine Condition Monitoring

Accessories & Consumables for Efficient Machine Condition Monitoring

Consumables and spare parts are available for all Spectro Scientific products. Many consumables are available for immediate delivery. However, to ensure uninterrupted operation of your instrument, we recommend that you have at least a two to four week supply at your location.

Customers and representatives can log in to obtain a detailed, complete list of spare parts and consumables for all Spectro Scientific products. All consumables and spare parts are genuine Spectro Scientific products that are performance-certified and fully warranted to perform to the original instrument specifications.

Part numbers may depend on the version of your instrument. Therefore, we always suggest that you contact Spectro Scientific via email at If you have any questions or concerns regarding the correct part or accessory, contact us. Some of the most common consumables and spare parts are listed below for Spectroil M, LaserNet Fines, and Ferrography Laboratory.

Spectroil M Consumables and Spare Parts Kits include the following:

  • Graphite Disc Electrode (500 per box), P/N M97008
  • Graphite Rod Electrodes (50 per box), P/N M97009
  • Graphite Electrode Sharpener Blade, P/N M90102
  • Electrode Sharpener, P/N M90100
  • Robotic Graphite Disc Electrodes (500 disc sets per box), P/N MR9019
  • Disposable Sample Holders (1,000 per bag), P/N M90200
  • Re-Usable Sample Holder, P/N M90202
  • Cover, Re-Usable Sample Holder (for low flash-point fluids), P/N M90204
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner with Basket, P/N M97102
  • Printer, P/N M90305A

Re-Calibration Standards

Spectro Scientific offers a complete line of certified, oil-based, analytical standards for the re-calibration of the Spectroil M family of spectrometers. These high-purity, metal-organic standards contain wear metals, contaminants, and additives at various concentrations. The number of elements in the oil standard and their concentration depends on the Spectroil M configuration and your application. Contact Spectro Scientific for the correct part number to match your application.

Spare Parts Maintenance Kits

In order to ensure uninterrupted operation of your Spectroil M, several spare parts kits are available. The content of the kit depends on the version (MOD number) of your Spectroil M. The MOD number of your Spectroil M is on a tag located beneath the serial number plate on the right-hand side of the instrument.

The Routine Maintenance Kit includes the essential, consumable parts such as fuses, tungsten electrodes, disc electrode shaft, electrode sharpener blades, etc. The Extended Spare Parts Kit contains circuit boards and sub-assemblies that are subject to wear. The Remote Location Kit is recommended for remote locations with multiple instruments where downtime is unacceptable. The User Tool Kit contains tools that will assist with routine maintenance of your Spectroil M.

LaserNet Fines Spare Parts include the following:

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner, P/N M97103
  • Spare Parts Kit. P/N LNF-SK2F
  • LNF Particle Counter Check Fluid, P/N LNF-509
  • Flow Cell, P/N LNF-508

Ferrography Laboratory consists of the following:

  • Glass Substrates (50 per package), P/N F4010
  • Sample Vials (250 per package), P/N F4011
  • Pipette Tips (250 per package), P/N F4012
  • Pipettor, P/N F4013
  • Storage Box for Ferrograms, P/N F4015
  • Thistle Tube, P/NF2180
  • Wear Particle Atlas (Book Format*), P/N M99956
  • Wear Particle Atlas (CD-ROM*), P/N M99955

* Book and CD-ROM are different publications