Maintenance And Support Plans

Maintenance And Support Plans

Spectro Scientific is committed to working with our customers and supporting their instrument training and maintenance requirements. We build some of the highest quality instruments for used oil and fuel analysis markets; however, even the best instruments can have a problem from time to time. Our dedicated service staff provides high quality service that ensures maximum performance from every instrument.

Although we provide maintenance services on an on-call basis, many of our customers prefer a service agreement that has an annual fixed cost and guarantees the required technical support throughout the term of the agreement. This will ensure years of worry free operation with no hassles.

Service and support agreements fall into three categories; Basic, Standard, and Extended. They differ in the number of annual visits and included replacement parts. These agreements are available for all our products and we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you alternatives that best fit your needs.

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Spectro Scientific also offers leases on products so feel free to Click here to learn more about them.